Elaborated Rules

On this page you will find all rules from the minecraft server here and elaborated

Last updated October 18th, 2022

1. No using Hacked Clients or Software.

This rule is obvious, don't use Hacked Clients or Hacking software to ruin the fun of the players or staff.

2. No advertising anything.

Do not advertise websites, other servers, products, etc on the server. We do not want this server being filled with ads or people only joining to advertise. You will be dealt with imminently.

3. No griefing/causing destruction to factions unless they've been inactive for 30 days.

The moderators and admins are geared towards keeping active players. Your base will be unprotected and your chests will be removed of protection if you have not joined within 30 days of your last log out time. If you notice a base or faction that has been away for 30 days, please let staff know and their protections will be removed.

4. Be respectful towards server members.

The rule is obvious, be respectful of all moderators and server members. We do not tolerate people who show blatant disrespect to anyone under any circumstances.

5. Do not cause or start drama on the server

This is obvious, but this rule also applies to the discord server. This rule also applies to rule 4, so do not cause problems.

6. Claim the land that you build on, do not let yourself become griefed.

This rule helps players and prevents issues and drama on the server, or prevents mods or admins to require assisting players who do not pay attention. Protect your builds, do not fall victim to destruction.

7. Use common sense

It is the players responsibility to know what is right and what is wrong. Do not come into the server thinking that you have the right to do anything and everything, be civil and respect the rules I have put in place. Think before you say something

8. Do not build or say anything highly offensive

This revolves around rule 4, don’t build things like nazi signs or going around saying slurs.

9. No user/player under 13 may play on the server.

This is due to COPPA, and the fact that children are whiny and irresponsible. I do not want to babysit a child on this server, go play roblox or something if you are under 13. The servers chat is mostly unmoderated except for ads and website filtering. Swearing is allowed and if you do not like it then it’s not my problem

10. Do not claim all of the land, leave some to players

This is for fairness and to give players an equal opportunity to rise to the top. If found to be hogging over 30 chunks your faction will likely be disbanded and removed

11. Do not bypass the anti-cheat plugins

This is obvious, if you do this you risk having an unfair advantage over other players. It's not nice nor fun and I have to go through the process of reporting bugs in the anti-cheat

12. Do not dox anyone's info for whatever reason

Whether it is good or bad, we don't want it. The negative repercussions of posting someone's info can lead to harm or issues with the victim. Please do not cause problems. This is a permanent ban if done

13. This is an English speaking server, speak English

Mods are not trained nor tasked to dealing with any players that are speaking any other language than English. We will not give and support will not help you

By playing on the server you accept the rules and leaving the spawn area you fully accept all rules. Your inventory, base, and anything else can be reset if you collect more than 2 warnings.